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There are probably two reasons to buy an Signed Puck. First, they make a great conversational piece if you locate it in your Family Room or Man Cave. Second, is buying it for investment purposes. There is no guarantee you will be able to resell this puck for more then what you paid it for but usually these signed pucks are created in limited editions so they will appreciate over time plus if the player makes it to the HHOF after you buy it that won’t hurt the bottom line either.

Mounted signed pucks are a lot like a framed picture on your wall. They will definitely become a conversational piece if you buy the right puck and place where other people can see it. Try locating your Signed Puck in an unproductive office environment.
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All NHL Autographed Pucks provided by Sports Memorabilia.
They have one of the Top Collections of Officially Licensed Signed Memorabilia on the Internet.
Shipping available to the USA, Canada & International.
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