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Last Update: Feb 5, 2015
Hockey Information
Q. Who is Stats Hockey?
A. Stats Hockey was founded in October of 2000 by Hockey enthusiasts who saw an opportunity to have website that offers all types of Hockey information plus Hockey, Sports & Fitness related products. The site changed its name from Stats Hockey to StatsHockey.net in 2007.

Q. How often do you Update your Information?
A. All-time Lists are updated at the first of every month during the regular season starting in November and ending in April which gets updated mid month. All the other categories will be updated after the Playoffs are finished in July and August.

Q. Where does this information come from?
A. It comes from legitimate channels including the Internet, Books and Stats Hockey.

Q. Can I contact you if I see an Error in your Stats or Spelling?
A. Yes, Stats Hockey tries to be as accurate as possible but errors due happen because the amount of information on this website and lack of staff. If you see errors you can click here and fill out the form and make sure you have the correct information to put in its place.

Q. Can I contact you to ask a Question?
A. No, at this time Stats Hockey doesn’t answer questions unless it’s important. Answering emails requires a lot of human resources which this site doesn’t have.

Product Information

Q. Why is there no Buy Button or Price connected to the Product?
A. The entire transaction including Sale, Shipping, Handling, Warranty, etc is handled by our Associate Merchants in fact they own the products. Just click on the banner, product or text link and you will be taken to their Website to complete the transaction.

Q. Who are your Associate Merchants?
A. We have many associate merchants including Fans Edge, Smooth Fitness and Ice Jerseys.

Q. How do you make Money?
A. We get a commission every time a product is sold. So purchasing anything through this site would be helpful for the continuing existence of this website.

Q. Why don’t you Manufacturer or Resell your own Products?
A. We spend most of our time taking care of the Hockey information on this site. This way we don’t have to handle the Shipping, Receiving or Manufacturing of the Goods. We can concentrate are time on finding top Manufacturers and Retailers who manufacture or resell Top Rated & Best Selling products. We also look for retailers who offer discounts and coupons to pass on to you the consumer.

Q. Will you be adding more Products in the Future?
A. Yes

Q. Can I get an offline Catalog on these Products?
A. No, at this time there is no Catalogs available pertaining to these products.

Q. Can these products Ship to my Home Town?
A. At the bottom of every product page list what locations these products can ship.

Q. Do you offer any Coupons?
A. Yes, if there is any they will be located on the product pages.
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