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The Simultaneous Still And Video Camera
This is the camera that can record video and take a still picture at the same time. Using a proprietary, multi...
The Portable
Handheld Scanner
This is the portable, cordless handheld scanner that preserves important documents, letters, or...
The Extreme Sports
Video Goggles
These are the sports goggles that record high definition video from the wearer's point of view. A 1/4"-diameter camera built...
The Simultaneous Still And Video Camera.
The Extreme Sports Video Goggles.
The Portable Handheld Scanner.
The Best Dash Mounted Radar Detector
The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute conducted an extensive review of radar detector tests by industry...
Auto Accessories
iPod & iPhone Accessories
The iPhone Wireless Speaker
This is the wireless audio system that enables a listener to keep an iPhone handy as a remote control for...
Safety & Security
The Best Emergency Radio
This is the emergency radio that held its charge the longest and was the easiest to operate in side-by-side evaluations by The Hammacher...
The Best Dash Mounted Radar Detector.
The Best Emergency Radio.
The iPhone Wireless Speaker.
The Projection Alarm Clock and Weather Monitor
This alarm clock and weather monitor projects the current time and outdoor temperature onto your ceiling or wall...
Phones & Accessories
The Best Multi Handset Cordless Telephone
This is The Best multi-handset cordless phone because it allowed the clearest conversations and was...
Media Conversion
The Desktop Photograph To Digital Picture Converter
This desktop USB device quickly and easily converts photographs into digital images, preserving memories...
The Projection Alarm Clock and Weather Monitor.
The Desktop Photograph To Digital Picture Converter.
The Best Multi Handset Cordless Telephone.
Cameras & Camcorders
TV & Video
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Auto Accessories
Safety & Security
iPod & iPhone Accessories
Media Conversion
Phones & Accessories
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