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If you’re sick and tired of your job then consider the possibility of designing a Website and selling your products or services or other merchants products like Stats Hockey does which doesn’t entail anything except putting Banners, Text or Products Links on this site and then collecting a commission when something is sold. So are you interested in creating an online business using an all in one web hosting solutions? Then consider Homestead Software and Hosting Services just like Stats Hockey has done since 2000.

All In One Web Packages
Get a website in 30 minutes! Customize any of their 2000+ templates
and publish. Comes with a customized landing page.

Make your own website with Homestead's combination of powerful and affordable web hosting, easy-to-use FREE website building software, professional website design templates, and toll-free customer support.

No programming or HTML skills are needed. Web page editor can be mastered in just weeks of practice and can produce professional looking sites.

It is a complete website building and website hosting solution. In addition to supplying reliable domain hosting, Homestead can help you increase your traffic, sell online, accept credit card payments, design your own website, or use our free website building software.

Stats Hockey
I first became a member with Homestead back in January, 2000 because it was free and I wanted to learn how to create web pages. They offered a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) web page editor and free hosting. You don’t have to know any HTML or Java to use their web page editor.

After many trials and errors I came up with Stats Hockey in October of 2000. It took me about two weeks to create the original site and within three weeks after submitting Stats Hockey to the search engines I was getting about 50 people a day.

In June of 2001 Homestead decided it was going to charge members a fee to use their system which motivated me to start making money with Stats Hockey and other sites I created or it wouldn’t make financial sense to keep on being a member. Today Stats Hockey gets about 5000 people a day and is a full-time business.

Affordable Homestead Website Packages
Homestead offers a variety of website packages to suit your needs. Whether you are building a website for a restaurant, real estate agent, professional service, non-profit or sports related it's easy for small business, ecommerce and personal web pages solutions.
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